Optimal online system for coordinating
infrastructure and managing
communications with applicants

Some Details About Our Services

Assure-It is a minimalist infrastructure coordination software for receiving online inquiries and forms. It is a complete, comprehensive, and customizable cloud-based SAAS (Software as a Service) solution for your business.

Assure-It is implemented and fully integrated with your website, making it easily accessible and intuitive – requests, forms, and submissions are done online, making Assure-It a centralized system for your data. Assure-It creates an easy user experience for everyone – applicants, project managers, administrators, and clients.

Assure-It is designed to fit a variety of industry sectors – Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water & Wastewater, Natural Resources, National Parks & Forestry, Military & Defense, Transport & Aviation, Communications, Tech & Media, Internet & Telecoms, Municipalities & Metropolitans, and many more.

Two Way Communication
Access Authorization System
Automatic Alerts
User Friendly UI
Statistics & Reports

Cloud Based System

Assure-It is completely cloud-based, featuring the highest levels of security for your data – we keep your information safe and secure. Moreover, Assure-It undergoes regular maintenance – we make sure that our system remains the best it can be for your business. And what about size limitations? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered – we provide unlimited storage solutions, so your workflow remains fully streamlined.

Security & Privacy

Assure-It features the latest Infosec technology. When you use our system, you’re trusting us with your data and information. We at Assure-It understand our responsibility and work around the clock to keep your information safe and private.

Applications Directly From Your Site

Assure-It is fully integrated with your company’s website and features a simple and user-friendly application system – with Assure-It it becomes easier than ever to submit and receive applications through your own website.

Numerous Online Submission Courses

A possibility for numerous online submission courses,
For infrastructure coordination: “Information Request”, “Excavation Permit”, “Construction Permit”…
For Advisory Pool: “Qualified Electrician”,  “Safety Consultant”, “Computing Consultant” and others.

Exact Definition for each Online Submission Cours

Ability to define the exact materials you are interested in receiving (file types restriction, mandatory/optional at specified at each form).

Alerts System

Automatic notifications for new request numbers, new requests, updates in current requests.

Days to reply counter

Days to reply view – automatic counter, stops when admin replies with additional needs or requests and resumes when the replied.

Communication with the applier

Correspondence regarding an application is handled from within the application, including files, letters, notifications, and more.


A full record of all communications for each application, including a time-stamp for each interaction.


Statuses management for each application (defined custom fand unlimited or each client)

Elaborate Search & Filter

Search and filter capabilities, including multiple filter combinations.

Official Documents

Creating official dynamic document replies based on the organization/client letter template including user-based signatures.

Payment Requests

Creating payment requests templates, including items rows and total amount calculations.

Predefined Answers

Creating predefined answers, and easy embedding into the replying messages for a faster reply.

Big Files

Huge files solution

History Logs

Full history logs from all communication history.

Hosting & Maintenance

Full end-to-end cloud solution for hosting, maintenance, backups and support.

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Key Advantages

Full communication management

Managing communication with the ticket sender is one of the most prominent advantages of the system, all communication is managed at the ticket level with the sender throughout the life of the ticket.

Custom Adjustment

The forms are perfectly adapted to the organization and allow complete control over the received data and the manner in which it is received.


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